Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A helpful Big Sis

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Our 3 stay with Grandma and Grandpa

Paxton and Grandma napping he got up every 2 to three hours the first night with Grandma! Wow how easy I forgot the weee hours thf the night!

This is how the kidds sleep at my parents house, they love it one big bed on the living room floor!

Uncle Stetzen was amazing entertaining Braden , he had just had his birthday and got Legos so they were able to build them together it was so fun for Braden to have help and have someone as interested in Legos as he is.

What a great big sister she is going to be

The Darrington girls came to visit us....

Ami, Jenna, Tara, and Grandma

He lookes so little in this bed that was set up for him next to my parents bed

Screaming during his first bath

I didn't know how Gracie would react to this lil guy but she sure loves him, she has been very patient and sweet with him

I think my kids thought we were on vacation or something Braden stayed with Dan and Byralou while we were at the hospital and the girls were with Jocelyn and my Mom and then we all ended up and my Mom's, it was like a dream for them! It was fun to share a few of Paxton's firsts with Grandma and Grandpa, the first night, bath, cry, diaper, and all the fun firsts you get to experience when you bring them home. Unfortunately I don't remember some of this stuff I was so druged up. I finally said does'nt matter how much it hurts I am done with this weird crap, I have never had pain meds, hope to never have them again. I can tell Maylee is going to be a fantastic helper with this new baby.

Going Home

I have been so excited to put him in this new carseat, I love dit the first time I saw it and knew it was the one!

Daddy buckeling Paxton in

Proud parents for sure we have been so excited to meet our little guy and to finally be able to take him home

I was so glad that Braden was able to come help us get Paxton ready to go he was so cute helping and I think he really enjoyed it

We stayed way longer then we thought we were going to so when they told me I could go home I defiantly had mixed emotions, I was so sore did'nt have any idea how I was going to even take care of the little guy, they told me in order to go home I had to walk, so I walked and we went home. Brittney and Stezen were there to help haul everything out and pack us up, Brit helped get Paxton dressed and made sure I did my final walk! Thanks guys we appreciate it!

We actually headed to Grandma Becky's for a few days, Jeff was in the middle of planting and knew he would be late coming home so we were very grateful to be able to stay there and get help, had I known then what I knew now I would of really been scared to leave the hospital, recovering from a c-section was way harder then I thought it was going to be. I had to have help there was no choice, I had to have help doing everything, just ask Brittney!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hangin out at the hospital

Uncle Randy and cousin Ainz

Aunt Bert getting Paxton ready to go home

Stezon holding Paxton while Britt took me for a walk, I had to walk so I could go home!

so SWEET, Aunt Mindy visiting Paxton

Joce came to snuggle little Pax everyday, and stay here when Jeff was gone, can't wait for baby Nelson!

Snacks anyone?

The Boys

Perfect little face

My new brother

Maylee has been waiting forever for this moment, to finally get to hold the little brother we have been talking about forever!

Me and my girls

Gracie was very worried about me in the hospital bed, she wascurious about the machines and the bowl of food that was there, I let her drink the milk and she thought that was so cool so I saved my milk for her each day!

Grandpa and Paxton